Friends of Schmitz Park (X-Gen) is a group of solid and dedicated volunteers who are willing to spend their time, money, and energy to preserve Schmitz Park as a natural area and a family-friendly vacation spot. We are the main community group that support and maintenance the park following the mission of the Schmitz Park Management Plan of the Seattle Parks Department.

This community is based on the success of the first generation Friends of Schmitz Park, which was not active since 2014. Our current members are mostly youth and entrepreneurs who cares about saving our earth. Hence, our primary mission is to hold as many youngster hands as possible to participate in our eco-friendly programs. Every month and under special events held by our sponsors, our volunteers remove non-native plants, plant indigenous species, improve trails, salvage native plants, and pick-up litter from development sites. FOSP provides community service opportunities to individuals and groups. Through stewardship of the park, citizens share their expertise, develop skills and forge new friendships. FOSP is one of the oldest continuously operating Friends groups in Seattle. Since 1992, they have recorded more than 16,000 volunteer hours.

What makes this park different from another park is it has regular events for kids. James Clark, the founder, believes that if someone is introduced to maintain their environment daily, this will become a habit, and eventually, it will go viral to other individuals, making the campaign more efficient and highly targeted. In doing our mission, we seek help and collaborate with different industries, communities, education and government organization. We live on the same earth, so keeping our home clean and safe is our responsibility.

Every week, we have a special program for babies and kids by gathering all of them in the park and do yoga with their parents. Research has revealed that this could strengthen the bond between mommy and her baby and baby will be more relax and full of positive “chi.”

Our other programs also involve teens and young adults to take at least 2 new family members or friends to the park to follow our programs. We are extremely surprised with the public response. This park has about 1,000 visitors per day and has over 450 volunteers and we’re still growing.

Save Our Earth! Save Our Child!